Livestock & Others

We keep various breeds of chickens like our local Kampung Chickens, Botak (bare-neck) Chickens, Red Chickens and our handsome Misai (bearded) Chickens.

We also rear ducks, geese, peacocks, rabbits, and goats as pets. We are adding a petting zoo for our little VIPs to get close to Nature and hands-on experience with some of our pets.

In our ponds, we rear fish and tortoise. Other swimmers to be added shortly.

Animal Husbandry - All-Natural Ways

We feed our livestock with probiotics to maintain their health instead of antibiotics as used by commercial farmers. Our chickens are all free-range – they are housed in large, airy double-story, cageless “bungalows” in a spacious enclosed area of our farm where they are let out daily to forage and exercise freely and safely.

Beneficial enzymes are widely used to keep the farm environment hygienic, undesirable pests in check, our plants, and livestock healthy, and allow beneficial microorganisms to flourish in our soil.

Step into the chicken coops, walk around the vegetable plots, don’t be afraid to sniff the air as you go!