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Welcome to Gapam Eco Farm

Gapam Eco Farm is an organic farm planted with over 300 prime old durian trees of 35 years of age. We also grow other tropical fruits and vegetables, and rear poultry and other livestock, all using organic farming and natural husbandry methods.

Our farm is conveniently located minutes away from Ayer Keroh Toll and Melaka Historical City yet is surrounded by lush green secondary jungle and fresh jungle air.

We have built modern facilities and amenities to cater to the comfort and different needs of guests but without spoiling the natural setting of our farm.

The farm is part of a hospitality group with highly-rated boutique hotels in the city.

Visit us to savour our organic produce and see our free-ranging livestock. Hold events and enjoy yourselves in our natural setting or at our hotels, or a combination of both. We are open the whole year round not only at durian season.

All our durian trees were planted some 35 years ago and we have more than 10 clones. At such a mature age, their pulp are full-bodied, with rich aroma and intense flavour. Such quality is much sought after by durian connoisseurs all over!

We keep various breeds of chickens – local kampung, misai (bearded), botak (bare-neck), and red chickens. They live in large comfortable homes with space to roam and forage safely. Test yourself on the breed of chicken!

Other Tropical Fruits

We grow other tropical fruits like rambutans, papayas, coconuts, cempedak, nangka (jackfruits), bananas and passion fruits, all rich sources of fibre and anti-oxidants.

We also rear ducks, geese, peacocks, rabbits, and goats. In our ponds, we keep fish and tortoises. A petting zoo is being looked into,  and also other swimmers. Come feed and walk among our cutest team!

Not Forgetting Vegetables

We also cultivate sweet potatoes, pumpkins, bitter gourd, chilli, long beans, and other leafy green vegetables. See how they are grown, try them at the farm or bring some home!

Farm Experience

Natural farm setting yet with modern facilities and amenities suitable for any occasion – durian parties, birthday parties and class reunions. How about holding a Farm Wedding party? Whatsapp us to discuss your needs!

The Ultimate Retreat

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